Are everyone's respective hangovers cured yet? Not to perpetuate the stereotype of St. Patrick's Day. But seriously.

I spent most of the day doing journalism work myself, but managed to make it to a few bars and parties throughout the evening. Important note: plastic shot glasses dropped into plastic cups make lame car bombs. But all in all, the rousing good fun I expected.

Here's a video of some people who weren't able to celebrate in the way they wanted to - which is simply to be just like everyone else. I've heard the nasty comments ("Oh those gays always make a scene and ruin everything"), but does anything think that a scene would be made if they were allowed to just participate? Most gay people I know - and I know many - are normal folk who would have no interest in protesting if only they were allowed the same basic rights as the rest of us.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Protest: Irish Queers from Megan Finnegan on Vimeo.

For more info on the group that organized the protest, you can visit them at