Always somewhere better to do? Some 22 percent cancel plans at the last minute.
It’s particularly ironic that a survey commissioned by found that Irish people are more likely to cancel their plans at the last minute than any of our European counterparts.

We are a nation of flakes, who like to live life at the last minute according to the results. The Irish were twice as likely as the Germans or French to wait until the eleventh hour to drop out of plans.

According to the results, some 22 percent of Irish men and women cancelled their plans at the last minute when a better offer arrived.

Irish males were the worst offenders, with 25 percent admitting to ditching plans at the last minute, compared with 18 percent of women.

"We are now constantly informed of what our group of friends are doing through social media. Being tempted by the last-minute offer has become a feature of society and the fear of missing out is a consequence of this," Psychologist Allison Keating of the BWell Clinic told the Daily Mirror of the findings.

“This is due to what we call 'the paradox of happiness' which looks at the oxymoron that we have so much more choice nowadays. It's interesting to see the Germans stick to the plan but the Irish are flexible to change.”