Following the Irish Prime Minister's disastrous interview on RTE's (Ireland's national broadcaster) "Morning Ireland" radio show the Pioneers of Mountmellick, County Laois, have issued him with an open invitation to join their Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA).

During the interview Brian Cowen slurred his words, had some obvious gaffs where he confused names and also did an impression of much loved GAA commentator Michael O Muircheartaigh. It was thought that he was actually drunk during the interview but later that was all cleared up and it was revealed he'd just had quite a heavy night the night before and had only had 5.5 hours sleep.

In the letter to the Leinster Express the secretary of the Pioneers writes "I would like to air my views on Brian Cowen's act of gimmicking on Michael O Muircheartaigh...At least the said man can hold his head up high still sporting his pioneer pin at 80 years of age. I wonder if by chance can we entice Brian into joining the PTAA - it's never to late." concluded the letter.

Brian Cowen has not yet accepted the offer.