Ireland's moves toward austerity are slow-forming, but will be speeding up, according to Taoiseach Brian Cowen. The details of his plans are being made public in cryptic news reports across the financial and Irish media, but not on Irish TV.

Brian Cowen gave the keynote address in May to the Trilateral Commission's yearly full-membership conference, which was held, significantly, in Dublin at the Four Seasons resort in Ballsbridge. The meeting was a hugely important indication of how deeply and how painfully Fianna Fáil will cut into Ireland's well-being in order to pay off the financial system monopolizing economic power internationally outside normal democracy. His speech and answers during a Q&A session went unreported on Irish national television.

An audience member on Pat Kenny's RTÉ Frontline program recently confronted the TV personality about why RTÉ's news division did not cover--chose to ignore--the annual plenary meeting of what is known as the Trilateral Commission, a major instrument of a revolutionary movement called "globalism," and the promises the Irish leader made to this group on behalf of his people.

The Taoiseach was made to answer questions from the audience after his speech, which is a remarkable occurence, whereby the head of Ireland's parliament is called to answers questions not from the fourth estate, the press, but the fifth column of the financial elite with secretive deep-affecting agendas.

The three day event happened from May 7-10, but Cowen was disallowed from attending any of the other meetings that followed his speech.

Members of the press were similarly banned, and copies of the conference's program were confiscated from all who were allowed-in to cover their Prime Minister's talk.

Attendance lists were not distributed to the media and so the Trilateral Commission--a major decision-making body in global finance and politics--remains a "think tank" that makes exceptionally important decisions about the fate of humanity without electoral mandate or transparency of anykind.

The Trilateral Commission is a revolutionary organization founded by David Rockefeller which seeks to reduce the nations of the earth to three--a trilateral confederation, remarkably similar to George Orwell's regions of dystopia: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, or in the parlance of the Trilateral Commission: Europe, Asia and America.