The Board and staff of the IPC in Boston Massachusetts welcomes the bipartisan agreement on a framework for immigration reform and the remarks made by President Barrack Obama in Nevada on Jan. 29th, 2013 on the need for comprehensive reform. We view the framework document as a first step in addressing problems with an immigration system that has been broken for years.

Reform is crucial for the thousands of undocumented Irish in Massachusetts and around the nation. Press reports indicate emigration from Ireland is at levels not seen since the Famine and an estimated 200 people are leaving Ireland every day at the present time.

The path to comprehensive reform will not be an easy one. We call on the Irish and Irish American community to get involved in the immigration reform campaign by writing and calling members of congress asking them to support reform.

The IPC is concerned that undocumented immigrants may fall prey to scam artists as often happens following breaking news on immigration reform publicity or US Citizenship and Immigration Service rule changes. The Irish Apostolate has centers located in most key US cities where immigrants can get advice and be referred when necessary to experienced immigration attorneys. A list of the centers may be viewed at

Founded 26 years ago, the IPC provides extensive support programs to Irish immigrants in New England and is funded in part by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Emigrant Support Programme, private funders and our local community.
Free consultations with immigration attorneys are available at our Feb. 5th immigration clinic at The Banshee, 934 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester.