Mary Concannon from CM, Regina with her grandson and Mary Bush all enjoying the 'craic'

St. Patrick’s Celebrations at the IPC

Together with forty shades of green, many shamrocks and 14 smiling kids from Catholic Memorial we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day at the IPC. Mary Concannon and her Irish Studies class shared some prayers and words ‘as gaelige’ and all had a very festive time. Huge thanks to Mary and all the buachaillí for their time and the fun they shared!

Danielle Owen at the Cara Club Discussing our mental wellbeing and that of our friends and families can be a stressful and uncomfortable situation. Recent suicides in Ireland and here in our local communities can leave us feeling concerned and confused. We here at the IPC are always here to help and listen to your concerns. There are some wonderful resources in our community so please never feel alone! Danielle Owen from the IIIC, a licensed councilor in this area shared some thoughts with our group last week. She is available for one to one consultations free of charge and can be reached at 617.542.7654. Hope and help are always available! Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words - and never stops at all’. (Emily Dickenson).

Feeling Lucky?

Fancy a flutter on the cards – well then the IPC trip to Foxwoods is for you. On Thursday, April 11th the bus will leave St. Ann’s Church in Quincy at 8am and leave Foxwoods that evening at 4pm - sharp. Tickets are all inclusive at $25. Please call Eileen to reserve a spot on 617.265.5300!

Foods to help bust CHOLESTEROL

Watching your cholesterol can seem like a large task. Keeping your cholesterol levels healthy is a great way to keep your heart healthy – and lower your chances of getting heart disease or having a stroke. Eating a heart healthy diet can help unclog your arteries! Simply try a few of these:

· Avocados - Avocados contain significant amounts of oleic acid, a healthy monounsaturated fat that helps boost good cholesterol and lower bad. They are also delicious in sandwiches, salads and omelets!

· Lentils - One reason to love lentils is their cholesterol-busting fiber. The soluble fiber in lentils forms a sticky substance that traps cholesterol and helps move it out of the body. Pop some lentils in a soup to make a tasty meal!

· Nuts- About 80 percent of calories in nuts come from fat, but it's a healthy unsaturated fat, not the artery-clogging kind. Nuts also are high in plant sterols, substances that block the absorption of cholesterol. The stars in the nut category are walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans. Try popping a handful on your morning cereal or in some yoghurt!

· Pears - They're crisp, sweet and their hefty cargo of natural fiber, much of it in the form of pectin, helps to knock down cholesterol levels. Surprisingly, fresh pears contain even more pectin than apples do.

· Tea – We all love a cup and it does more than soothe on a stressful day. Both green and black tea can help lower cholesterol levels. Pour yourself a cup today!

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Please feel free to call Eileen at 617 265 5300 x 13 for more information on IPC Senior Citizen Outreach Program activities and services