By Kieran C. O Sullivan

Waivers for Irish Seniors on citizenship

Some Irish senior citizens in our area may not be aware of it, but should they consider applying for US citizenship, they may be able to qualify for waivers of the fingerprint requirement. USCIS have issued a memo establishing a fingerprinting waiver for US naturalization applicants who have disabilities specifically those who are unable to provide any fingerprints or only illegible fingerprints.

A person is not eligible for this waiver if the reason for being unable to provide fingerprints is temporary. Also, the waiver will be granted only if the applicant cannot provide even a single fingerprint. The waiver can only be granted by the USCIS officer responsible for overseeing fingerprinting, a USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) Manager, an USCIS officer supervising a mobile fingerprinting route, or an USCIS officer acting as an ASC manager.

If an applicant is scheduled for fingerprinting at a particular ASC, and the ASC believes the person is unable to provide fingerprints, a waiver may be granted. To grant the waiver, a USCIS officer must personally see the applicant, observe or attempt fingerprinting the applicant, and determine that the applicant cannot be fingerprinted or even provide a single legible fingerprint.

A denial of a fingerprinting waiver is final and may not be appealed. If an applicant is granted a waiver, the applicant must bring a local police clearance to the citizenship examination to satisfy the good moral character requirement for naturalization.

US citizenship history tests

Seniors are reminded they may apply for a waiver of the history test using Form N-648. The USCIS regulations requiring applicants seeking an exception from the English and US history and government (civics) requirements for naturalization based on physical or developmental disability or mental impairment submit this certification form, completed by a licensed medical doctor or a licensed clinical psychologist, along with a completed application for naturalization (Form N-400). This certification form will be used by the USCIS to determine whether applicants for naturalization are entitled to an exception to the requirements. Because they are subject to change, always check the US CIS site for fee and updated forms information.

Upcoming Events

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