Jodie joined us from South Shore Elder Services this week at Café Eireann. She presented to a strong group of 42 seniors and shared some great money management tips and advice. Here are just a few Jodie shared with us:
It all adds up – That daily coffee, donut or muffin adds up. If you are spending a few dollars a day, it could add up to over $70 a month. Keep a daily / weekly ‘spend log’ of money going out and what you are spending it on. This way you can see where your money is going and make the necessary changes. Keep an eye on subscription costs – things like newspapers and magazines may be automatically renewed without your knowledge! Household heating – NSTAR offers some great conservation checks on your home through ‘Mass Save’. NSAR can organize this for you free of charge and help reduce heating costs! Check around – regular comparisons of cable and cell phone providers are a good way of insuring that you are getting a good deal! Shop around – shopping around weekly lets you get the best deal on groceries and other items! You can still be wise about your money while treating yourself to that manicure or dinner out!

Many thanks again to Jodie for her time and sharing some great advice!


All at the IPC would like to say huge Congratulations to Kathi Sullivan on her award at the Sligo Association dinner dance. Kathi is a great friend and volunteer at the IPC and we are delighted to see her honored!

A marathon at 101 years old

We all know that exercise is good for us. However, it can often be hard to encourage ourselves off the couch, to put down the bar of chocolate and start pounding the path. Some inspiration… Fauja Singh ran his first marathon in London, at the ripe age of 89 and became an international sensation. He ran his final race in February of this year in Hong Kong, at the age of 101 and entered the Guinness Book of Records! He was retired form races but will continue to run every day! So there’s no excuse not to lace up the runners!

Get your green out

The Cara Club (Monday 1pm to 3pm at the Veronica Smith Senior Centre) and Café Eireann (Wednesday 10 to 12 noon at the IPC) invite you to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with us this week. As usual we will have hot coffee, fresh treats with additional craic, caint agus ceol!! All are welcome!