We have so many ways of judging people – by wealth, education, religion, gender, appearance. I’ve caught myself being surprised by a word of wisdom where I least expected it and. In doing so, I recognize my own prejudices.

Today’s readings caution us about judgmental attitudes and actions that can block another’s path to God. Joshua wanted Moses to stop Eldad and Medad from prophesying. The disciples also wanted to stop someone casting out demons.

We are invited to take the time to stop, listen, and consider another point of view, to see a reality bigger that our own. God’s Spirit is given to all. To each of us a different gift is given and placed at the service of all. We are invited to rejoice in our gift and in the gift of others. We are invited to nurture the gift of faith in a daughter or son, a friend, even the stranger we pass on the street who longs to see in us the face of Christ.

Today, like every Sunday, we are also invited to respond to the needs of the Church. Our gifts of money and prayer provide assistance to people and places with needs other than our own. The Church needs the help, courage, and wisdom of all its people. In this way we will find God in ourselves and others.

Living with Christ Sr. Carmen Diston, IBVM