By Sr. Marguerite Kelly, Pastoral Associate

Coming together to share a meal is a custom as old and as widespread as humanity itself. When we gather to celebrate a festive occasion, to mourn the loss of a loved one, to discuss important issues or ideas, or simply to mark the passing hours of an ordinary day, we often do so around a table. While sharing our food on such occasions, we also share our stories and ourselves.

Today’s readings invite us to a meal – but this is no ordinary meal and no ordinary invitation. In words that challenge us as they did those first disciples, Jesus offers himself to us not merely as a dinner companion, but as our very food and drink.

Here we have the incarnation in a nutshell. Jesus transforms bread and wine, the ordinary stuff of human sustenance, into his body and blood, which he offers as our spiritual food and drink. The level of intimacy with God to which we are called every time we gather around the Eucharistic table is an awesome gift which we should never take for granted, but welcome with a humble and grateful heart.
May we echo Peter’s affirmation of faith – “You have the words of eternal life” – as we respond to the invitation to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

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