In November 2010 members of the Irish community gathered at Faneuil Hall to celebrate the successful launch of Irish Network Boston. In the ensuing two and a half years the organization has grown in size and reputation. With close to 300 members, regular gatherings and events, and a diverse Board made up of people from across the Irish community, Irish Network Boston continues to deliver real value and opportunities for its members.

At the launch in 2010, Irish Network Boston (INB) was following the example of Irish Network NYC, an initiative backed by the Irish government. IN NYC was founded in 2006 and sought to create an inclusive network open to anyone of Irish descent or who had an interest in Irish affairs. INB built on this impulse to connect the Irish diaspora in the Boston area and combined it with a drive to create links between those interested in connecting through business affairs, cultural and academic events, and in social settings. Membership in the network became a way to connect professionally, engage socially, and participate actively in the Irish community. Dr Bob Mauro, Board Chair and Director of the Irish Institute at Boston College, confirms this, “Irish Network Boston is the only networking organization for those with an interest in the Irish community that connects the academic, business, cultural, professional, and social worlds in one organization”. Mauro adds, “with the continued support of the Irish government through Consul General Lonergan, Irish Network Boston can continue to act as a multifaceted platform for the Irish community”.

Over the past year, INB has engaged with a number organization and groups throughout Massachusetts to fulfill its mission and reach its goals. Last October, the organization supported the Boston- Northwest Ireland Golden Bridges conference at the Seaport Hotel. Vice-Chair of INB, Sean Moyinhan, says that it is important to support this kind of event “because it reflects our commitment to supporting the diaspora and to creating opportunities for people in Boston and Ireland”. This commitment underlay many recent INB events including a symposium on Frederick Douglass and Daniel O’Connell, the launch of the Wild Geese Network of Irish Scientists at the Museum of Science, the Innovators & Entrepreneurs Business Breakfast at the Harvard Club, and monthly gatherings and socials at area Irish pubs.

The current board—with members from all facets of industry and academia—remains committed to providing great value and opportunities for its members. Dave Greaney, President of Synergy Investments, who stepped down as Board Chair over the New Year, ensured that commitment, and with Bob Mauro assuming leadership, INB continues to offer new ways to work for its members. The organization actively solicits ideas from its members and friends to better understand their needs and continually evolve in ways to support their work. The entire Board looks forward to seeing our friends, new and old, at their annual St. Patrick’s Day party on Friday March 15th at the Moakley Courthouse.
With the support of strong and enthusiastic members and dynamic Board leadership, INB is set to continue to growth and community involvement in the coming years. Check them out online at: