Navigating the Irish Families Project
If your surname begins with the letter 'A' or 'MacA....' -
here is a list of such names found in Ireland, along 
with the county source book it was found in. (The source
for this collection of Irish names is the 4th edition of the
Book of Irish Familiesgreat & small.)
The same can be done with all letters of the alphabet.

Names followed by a ‘v’
When your name is followed by a ‘v’, that
indicates the county volume number(s) that your
name is found in. (v2 = volume 2 and so on).
Each volume covers a different Irish County,
and that can be helpful in itself, when searching
your Irish roots. There are 34 volumes to date.
If there is no ‘v’
If there is no ‘v’ after the name, then it means
your name is found in ‘The Book of Irish Families'
great & small’ on the page number given.
Key Code by County
First I will list the key code by county,
below that I will include the list of ‘A’ names:
v 2 = Families of Co. Kerry v 3 = Families of Co. Clare,
v 4 = Families of Co. Cork v 5 = Families of Co. Limerick,
v 6 = Families of County Galway v 7 = Families of County Dublin
v 8 = Families of County Donegal v 9 = County Antrim and Belfast
v 10 = County Armagh Genealogy v 11 = County Cavan and Leitrim
v 12 = County Cork Genealogy .. v 13 = County Derry (Londonderry)
v 14 = County Down: Genealogy … v 15 = County Fermanagh and Louth
v 16 = County Kildare, Wicklow & Carlow . v 17 = County Kilkenny
v 18 = Kings (Offaly) & Queens (Leix) Counties. v 19 = County Longford
v 20 = County Mayo … v 21 = County Meath & Westmeath ..
v 22 = County Monaghan… v 23 = County Roscommon:
v 24 = County Sligo .. v 25 = County Tipperary
v 26 = County Tyrone .. . v 27 = County Waterford:
v 28 = County Wexford v 29 = County Kerry
v 30 = County Dublin v 31 = County Limerick…
v 32 = County Clare v 33 = County Galway v 34 = County Donegal

We hope this helps start research for many of you.
The county volume noted by your name, can
provide a valuable clue to work on your family tree..
You may also want to use this list to identify the 
many different spellings of an Irish name.

The Names
Below are the names from the master index in
The Book of Irish Families, great and small.
Each name is keyed to a county shown above.
A name may of course, be in more than
one county.  Note also that the spellings are as
I originally found them when preparing the
Irish Families Project. 

NAME – Volume Number – or – Page Number
A’Cunungam v8
Abbecaces v7
Abbecaces Morocco v7
Abberton 1
Abberton v6
ABBOT 269…

Mike O’Laughlin is the author and editor of the Irish Families Project,

upon which the above index is based. The reader is reminded that 
individual research is needed to confirm that your family hailed from 
a specific county in Ireland. (A few names given may not be resident
in the county).