Irish  musician Billy Treacy

An Irish musician, and father-of-three, has released a new single, “Woe!”, about the reality of living through Ireland’s recession.

After the crash Billy Treacy (42) witnessed employment dry up as bills continued to arrive at the door. He said he could feel his self-esteem slip away every day. The “white van man” was overcome with emotion and channelled his angst into his new single “Woe!”

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Treacy, a well known musician in Temple Bar as front man for the Ha’Penny Heads. Treacy, who grew up above a pub in Dublin City Center learned about music listening to the musicians in his family’s bar.

He told the Mirror “I feel so strongly about the message in Woe!. I begged and borrowed to get the song recorded and released.

"I wrote it in a couple of hours one day this summer as a way of venting my anger, frustration and helplessness at all that is happening in Ireland at the moment.

"I know that there are thousands of proud people out there who feel the same way and I hope they will identify with my song.”

Check out his new video of “Woe!” here: