'Sword of Justice'        

Millionaire businessman, Dermot Desmond has bought a recession themed painting from a series of canvases called "Boomtown".

The paintings by Brian McCarthy capture Ireland in 2010. The country is portrayed as a vast shanty town or as a nation as boat people in a small craft on high seas.

Dermot Desmond bought the painting "Sword of Justice" (see above). In the painting an angry mob prepares for revolution.

Desmond bought the painting for €4,500. He told the artist he prefers to buy painting which catch his eye rather than old masters. 

McCarthy explained that his inspiration for the painting came from listening to RTE (the national broadcaster's) call in show "Liveline" every day. He said "It's the anger of the callers...I decided to turn it into a series. I've never known such a response. People seem to identify and understand perfectly what I'm feeling because they feel the same" he told the Irish Independent.