Lynch Laws and Lynch Family History
by Michael O'Laughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Some Related Spellings of the Name
from the Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names:
Leyns, Lynchy, O’Lynch, MacLychy, Linch, Linsy. de Lench,
O Loingshigh, Lynche.

History of the Name
The Lynch family may descend from the Norman family of
‘de Lynch’ or from the old Irish family of O Loingsigh.
Near Limerick we find O Loingsigh with the Danes, cited
by O’Heerin: ” The O’Lynches, men of lands, dwell in that
wood opposite the foreigners.”….
O’Lynch is given as a chief in Down and parts of Antrim
by O’Dugan. The “O’Loingsys or O’Lynches” were said to
be numerous in Sigo and Mayo, and separately in Co. Cavan
and in Meath…..

Norman Lynch Families
The Norman families of the name are found settled near
Trim in Meath, from whence some settled in Galway in the
15th century. (note the placename of Lynches Knock in Meath).
This family was one of the 14 tribes of Galway, and many
served as mayors of Galway city.

The Lynch Law
James Lynch, mayor in 1493, hung his own son for the breaking
of a law which required the death penalty. The story was
commemorated at the gate of the old jail , and put down
in writing there. Lynch’s Castle, built in 1320, is close by.
It is interesting to note that the origins of the term “Lynching
and Lynch Law’ are also said to have come about from actions
of one named Lynch in America. This is attributed to Col.
Charles Lynch (d. 1796).

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The Book of Irish Families, great and small

The Irish Book of Arms
Shows the following illustrated arms connected to this family name:

1) Lynch of Partry House, Co. Mayo, more anciently of Co. Galway.
2) Lynch- Staunton of Clydagh, Co. Galway
The Free Master Index of Irish Names
at finds the family in these books (among others):
There are 185 references contain Lynch, including

1) Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters, which gives O’Lynch of Meath,
O’Lynches in Cavan, Lynches of Galway, and MacLynchys….

2) T. Lynch and Judge Lynch, Lynch brothers among 9 references in
Irish Families on the California Trail.

3) Lynch as Linshie in the Special Census of Ireland, as found in:
Pynnars Survey of Ireland

4) Several of our county books include this numerous name,
with a large entry in the 'Families of County Galway, Ireland'.

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