Posted by BrianBoru at 11/29/2009 12:48 AM EST

Much can be said about this game, this season; however, that's another blog.

Charlie Weis' decision to decline his postgame news conference will forever be remembered as a shameful exit to his Notre Dame career.

The only postgame interview Weis granted was, not unexpectedly, to his radio show host Jeff Jeffers. Jeffers tossed Weis a few milquetoast softballs—which Weis swatted away like pesky gnats. Oh, how I'd love to hear an uncensored sound bite of radio host Don Criqui, or his partner in the booth, Faust-era workhorse running back Allen Pinkett. That would be entertaining.

At any rate, Charlie Weis is finished at Notre Dame. Weis' exit, choosing to run and hide rather than face the press, is an embarrassing punctuation to a forgettable era in Notre Dame Football.

Golden Tate and Jimmy Clausen are two of the best football players to ever wear an Irish uniform. Had Notre Dame been led by a competent head coach this season, Tate would be in New York City to collect the school's first Heisman Trophy since Tim Brown won the award back in 1987.