An extract from Shatter's book. Image: Reddit/ Imgur.

An erotic novel written by embattled Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter could land him $129,000 if the book is cleared by Ireland's censorship body in time for Christmas.

'Laura', available on major book retailer Amazon, was published by Irish publisher Poolbeg Press, but has drawn the attention of censors after complaints were made about some of its seedy sex scenes.

The book's plot centers around an affair between a TD (Congressman) and his private secretary, and was first published in 1990. The TD is forced to compromise on his own pro-life abortion stance after the secretary, Colette, becomes pregnant.

If the novel gets the censors' green-light, a new print run may be forthcoming in as little as six weeks.

Books in Ireland may stilled be banned if they are deemed "indecent", "obscene", or "advocate the procurement of abortion", according to the Irish Censorship Board.

A list of currently banned titles available from the Department of Justice's website shows that there are currently no books banned on the ground of obscenity, but many have been black-listed for encouraging abortion.

Besides penning Laura, Shatter, who was one of Ireland's foremost attorneys before entering politics, has also written the leading textbook on Irish family law.

The Justice Minister last week faced a brewing political maelstrom after he accused an opposing member of parliament of having used political influence to evade prosecution for holding a cellphone while driving.

He now faces a motion of no confidence in the Dáil this Tuesday.