The Irish International Immigrant Center staff wish to say a big thank you to all the readers of the Irish Emigrant for your support throughout 2012. It has been a privilege for us to have been a part of your journey this year as we provided legal, wellness, and education services. And we were so pleased to have seen some of you at our community events. We appreciate your trust in us, your financial support and all your good will.
As we move into the New Year, we wish you peace, happiness, health and prosperity. 2013 is going to be a good year! Please keep in touch with us. Perhaps most importantly, we invite you to be a “Critical Friend” of the IIIC.
Educators Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick defined critical friends as people we trust who ask important questions about our work, take the time to fully understand it and offer helpful critiques. The critical friend is an advocate for the success of that work. We hope you will be ours in 2013!
Please feel free to give us feedback, send us ideas, questions, concerns or requests on how we can better support the Irish community in the Greater Boston area. The Center’s deputy director, Ronnie Millar, is interested in hearing from you. Call Ronnie at 617-542-7654 ext 35, write an email to [email protected] or visit the center at 100 Franklin Street, Boston. Good wishes for 2013!