Pamela O'Connell from Labasheeda in Co. Clare became one of the first Irish granny's to take to the skies for charity.

The 78-year-old grandmother did her skydive in aid of  Friends of St. Luke's Cancer hospital on September 26th.

“I was a patient at St. Lukes and im trying to give something back,” she told Sky Dive Ireland.

After her skydive the Clare woman was exhilarated!

“It was noisy and we went higher and higher and higher but it was fantastic. We saw the fields, the houses, we saw a lake...we saw everything.

“But I did have a bit of a shout when I jumped out, I was a bit scared jumping out. But I would do it again,” the brave gran added.

Pamela raised almost €3000 for St. Lukes hospital.