An Irish graphic designer has vowed to help tackle the countries financial woes with his new design.

Fergus O'Neill, has designed  a new national slogan after he was inspired by the British wartime edict to 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Adding an Irish twist he has now started selling posters bearing the words 'Keep Going, Sure It's Grand'.

He is also selling postcards and Totebags with the same slogan and has vowed to donate a contribution of each sale towards Ireland's financial deficit.

“If we sell 42 billion I am going to give a euro from each sale to the state”, he told the Tom Dunne Newstalk radio show.

 The Irishman has already passed on several checks to the Irish Department of Finance and last week received a receipt for his contribution thus far.

You can stock up on your 'Keep Going, Sure It's Grand' posters on Fergus' website
Receipt from Ireland's Department of Finance for Fergus' contribution