From the bright lights of New York to the arid desert of Las Vegas, West Belfast native Sean Connolly is a man in demand across America.

The 43-year-old, a specialist in maximum performance enhancement and confidence building, has been utilized by Irish dancing and sports troupes the length and breadth of the US and Canada.

Over the past five years the father of four has worked with some of the best dancers in the world Amateur and Professional, delivering incredible results in their personal performance in the process.

It seems there is an enormous appetite for Sean’s methods to enhance performance across the Atlantic and his Diary for 2011 is already filling up with speaking engagements, sports and dancing workshops. Also a public speaker at corporate events Sean has been requested

As a guest speaker for the Irish Businesses of New York.

However, it’s not simply medals or titles Sean adopts as a barometer for success, there is much more to his unique philosophy.

“In my opinion the workshops are all about making individuals feel like champions rather than simply being champions. Titles come and go but if you feel like a champion in your everyday life then that is the most important thing. When you feel like a champion you will think, behave and perform like one, and when you perform like a champion you will tend to become just that.”

I have worked all over the US and Canada and the teachers are always surprised at the performance results I get. This is because a lot of Athletes and performers put up roadblocks in their minds unintentionally at a sub conscious level, which are equivalent to driving a car with the handbrake on.”

Having worked closely with Irish dancers of all abilities, Sean has developed a reverence for their talent and dedication.

“Before I ever worked with Irish dancers I would have associated them with wigs, make-up and dresses now I would put them up there with professional athletes,” admitted the former boxer and Martial arts teacher.

“They train two to three hours a day. They are so disciplined. I have watched dancers perform with broken bones and torn ligaments in their feet and ankles through immense pain. It’s incredible. They also travel to compete all over the world at competitions where you can start at 8.30am and then have to wait to perform at 5.00pm then 12.00pm, mentally draining for anyone.

The teachers within the art who are all former competitors seem to take those resources and put them into their business lives, they are very sharp self-driven individuals who are very competitive and result based. If I was not delivering results they would have scraped me long ago.”

It’s not just dancers who have benefited from Sean’s ‘Tools for Life Program.’

Only last weekend 35-year-old Ciaran Healy landed the Irish light-heavyweight title in Castle bar, Mayo following a thrilling fifth round knockout of the highly fancied John Waldron.

While Ciaran’s physical preparations were better than ever, thanks to his coaches Gerard McCafferty and Alec Doherty, his mental approach was fine-tuned by Sean’s methods to enhance physical strength through the sub conscious mind.

Cage fighters, professional golfers and athletes have also benefited from Sean’s recipe for success.

“These people spend thousand of hours mastering their skills I cannot give anyone the benefits of human practice, but the greatest athletes and artists in the world all seem to underperform when it matters most or magically become ill or injured before a big event. I eradicate this negative pattern in the immune system.

This is where I come into the equation. I specialize in parts of the human mind that control all the functions in the body and also control the emotional center in the brain. It is not sports psychology; America has the top sports psychologists in the world, so why do they go to the bother of bringing me over?”

Sean was recently filmed for a TV series made in California about martial arts around the world, which also featured the legendary cage fighter Tito Ortiz. After reading Sean’s statement about breaking any professional athletes strength or speed record, the producer set up a professional cage fighter where Sean had to smash his strength record on film. He produced this in one session, breaking his maximum lift by 22lb!

Sean’s basic level methods where first witnessed alongside Stephen Nolan on the BBC1 program ‘Mission Employable’ which set out to change the career prospects of six unemployed young people.

“People put limits on themselves and what they can achieve. But every human is born with a success strategy. If you weren’t you couldn’t even walk or talk. Everybody is successful it is just a matter of your own self-perception. Beliefs actually control your life at a very deep level are very powerful to the mind but they can also limit one’s growth, the frightening part is that most of your beliefs are not even your own.”

The local boy made good has travelled a varied path and is an expert in traditional Thai massage, Kinesiology, Chinese medical practices, sports rehabilitation and professional hypnosis with NLP and Advanced medical hypnotherapy.

Next on the agenda is the publication of his book ‘The P’s of Success’, which will be available in the New Year.

Sean is also embarking on a play based around the up and downs of life’s journey which is in the pipeline for 2011.

“I’m excited about the book coming out. It’s based on a strategy for human achievement that we are all born with but as we become older we forget it and look to others for the so-called “Secrets”

The play will be an emotional roller coaster. It tells the story of traveling through life in the eyes of a dancer.”

My work has become a driving force in my life now and I will continue to travel to those people who recognize its benefits for themselves and their children’s future.

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