Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding
Irish Step Dancers/Hand Dancers Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding are back and they are BAD in a new video going viral. The ex-Riverdance duo was lasted noted here back in Sept. 2010 when their breakout YouTube viral video hit “Americano” had about 100,000 views.

You remember seeing this:

Their deadpan, precision hand dance got them covered by the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, a guest shot on Good Morning America, America's Got Talent, a MacDonald’s commercial and almost 8.3 million YouTube hits.

Now the endearing, fresh-faced, dare I say, cute couple has gone to the dark side with “Hands,” a tongue-in-cheek, punk, goth, neon-strobe-enhanced, Winehouse-worthy, hand-dancing, synchronized-drinking YouTube clip.

And it comes with a warning: “THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGERY” (seriously, wouldn’t recommend this if you are prone to seizures).

You’ve been warned!

Comments left on YouTube were all over the place, and many NSFW, but here’s a sample:

“im in the weird part of youtube again aren't i...”  BatmansCounselor

“are they supposed to be beat up members of the lord of the dance?” EvilClowns69

“I came back to rewatch this again. I am entertained and shocked at the same time.” GutPieces

“I liked it. It was much better than cats…” MrIrishBilly

Jonny Reed produced this one as well for the duo, whose dance productions go under the name “Up & Over It.” The soundtrack is a Michael Woods dub remix of “Hands” by The Ting Tings.  There are two versions on YouTube and together they've had about 200,000 hits and counting.

Cleary & Harding have been on quite a roll of late.  Here’s a look back on their world in 2011.

Fun, funky, irreverent, inventive, showing awesome skills (sorry, just couldn’t bring myself to writing “mad skills”), tremendous talent and an in-your-face attitude that maybe Ireland could use right now.

Let's give them a hand!

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