There’s more than Guinness pouring in at the ICCNE Pub. Since the end of January people near and far have been e-mailing, mailing, face-booking, phoning in and dropping off their suggestions for an official name of the ICC Pub at the Irish Cultural Centre of New England in Canton, Massachusetts.

Emmett Donovan, Pub & Functions Manager, realized shortly after coming to the ICC that the time is right for this beloved pub of ICC members, visitors and performers to have the glory of a unique name. “The key is to imagine what folks think of when they hear the new name and how it will get people over to the ICC Pub for a good food, pints and great company” Donovan said. ICC President, Tom Gallagher, couldn’t agree more. Gallagher, who helped build the pub alongside many other friends and family, is thrilled that the competition is underway. “It’s an indication of how people love the place” Gallagher noted when asked about the outpouring of suggestions for names. “It will be a hard decision to select from all of the submissions.”

Participating in the competition from now until the February 10th deadline couldn’t be easier. Drop by the pub over the weekend and put your nomination in the suggestion box; go to the ICC Facebook page; phone in your suggestion to 781-821-8291; or

The winning name will undoubtedly be one that reflects the tone and happenings at the ICC Pub. As one person indicated, “the ICC Pub is a place for everyone: locals, internationals, Irish, Irish Americans, members and visitors”. For the latest developments leading up to the Judging Ceremonies on February 16th please visit or call 781-821-8291. Be sure to submit your nomination by the deadline, Sunday, February 10th.