Irish have the travel bug

A new survey shows that Irish people daydream more often than other Europeans about taking a spontaneous holiday, and that they would most prefer to go with their significant other.

A survey conducted by travel booking website found that Irish people think about travelling five times a week, far above the average of other countries who were polled that came in at only 3.6 days a week.

32 percent of Irish polled also reported that they would most prefer to take a holiday with their significant other. This percentage beat out the likes of other more famously romantic types, including the French and Italians.

Unfortunately, while the Irish may have big day dreams of jetting off to somewhere warm with their one and only, a staggering 68 percent polled said that they do not have the disposable income to take such holidays.

For the survey, Last Minute polled 7,229 people from France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and the United Kingdom in hopes of learning why 60 percent of people on their site book their holidays within 21 days of departure.