In a blistering attack on the massive failure that the Obama administration has inflicted on our economy, Bill O'Reilly has taken the gloves off. He is pounding away on Obama in his own inimitable Irish pugilistic style.

O'Reilly has been trying for some time, to be"America's Newsman" by positioning himself in the middle. He has strived to be the fair and balanced commentator, a kind of elder statesman of the news industry.

In this role, O'Reilly has always given Obama the benefit of the doubt and cut him, in many observers opinion, far too much slack, as Obama pushed our right of center country, farther and farther left.

This internecine war started festering as Bill increasingly questioned the wisdom of many of the Obama administrations policies. Policies which are leaving the economy reeling and drowning us in massive debt.

O'Reilly has questioned Obamas far left appointments to head massive government departments. The EPA and the Justice Department under the direction of Obama appointees are attacking the states and private sector with new rules/ regulations and justice department probes/ lawsuits. His appointments to the NLRB have gone on the attack against American business at a time when policies should be geared to nurture business.

But with the new tranche of massive debt heaped on America, things have gotten out of hand in an alarming way and it seems Bill cannot bite his tongue any longer. He is using his pulpit to signal Obama and the American public that the shillelagh is out of the closet and he is going to use it to beat away at policies that he feels are harming our country.

While the economy is in tatters, the FAA is not funded and many are out of work. President Obama is attending his own star studded birthday party. For 45,000 you are welcome to attend the party and have your very own picture taken with the president.

President Obama went to Ireland recently, he said it was to find his Irish roots. Some said it was in search of his apostrophe, others said it was only posturing and a way to pander to the Irish voters in America. Either way, O'Bama should listen to his Cousin O'Reilly and take stock of where he is leading us.

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