Oliver Dunne tweeted this Photoshopped pic of Lucinda
O'Sullivan's head in his hand. (Credit: @OliverDunne)

A top Irish chef was under fire this week after he posted a fake photo of himself holding the "severed" head of a well known food critic, who gave his restaurant a negative review.

Oliver Dunne, who runs Cleaver East in Dublin, posted the photo on Twitter where he appears to be grabbing Lucinda O'Sullivan's decapitated head.

"Lol, look what I got in the post," he wrote as the caption, after O’Sullivan wrote what he believed was her "completely inaccurate and unacceptable" Sunday Independent piece.

The Michelin award winning chef Photoshopped the food critics head onto a promo picture of what was originally a pig's head.

O'Sullivan described the photo as a "sick and tasteless stunt".

Some Twitter also followers labeled it "offensive, tasteless and unnecessary."

"I have never met that guy Oliver Dunne, but I don't think there is any need to post that pic," wrote one.

Dunne later deleted the Photoshopped picture and apologized for any offense caused.