reported this morning that Lindsay Lohan's official sex tape is about to be released on the Internet, filmed by a waiter at a chain restaurant. Which obviously begs the question: which one? (Fingers crossed for Applebee's!) Lindsay's spokespeople seem most concerned that its unauthorized release will overshadow her recently
filmed documentary about child trafficking in India. I wouldn't be too worried-- at 47 seconds, I'd say as video footage goes it's hardly Youtube-worthy. Hustler disagrees, as it's reportedly offering £100,000 for it--approximately $163,000. Dear Hustler: how about sending that money to Haiti instead?

In other naked Irish celebrity news, heartthrob-turned-professional-frat-boy Jesse McCartney has his lawyers threatening to sue any website planning to publish an allegedly "manipulated and doctored" photo of McCartney "all by his lonesome, laying on a bed with a candy G-string, fully exposed," according to The New York Post, ever the pillar of professional journalism, says the photo comes from an angry ex.

Lastly, the Leno-O'Brien battle continues on heatedly, or so I hear. I can't say I'm particularly invested in either side--if I'm awake at that hour on a weeknight, you can bet I'm off doing something more interesting than watching late-night television. But this week has had both hosts making progressively more personal comments about each
other and the network: On Monday night, O'Brien joked that he'd like to "work in a classier business with better people, like hard-core porn." TMZ reported today that O'Brien received a response from adult film company Pink Visual officially offering him a job. Apparently they hear there's a demand for "tall, lean, pale, male 'gingers' that have a David Caruso kind of thing going on." Cute.