Irish manager Giovanni Trapattoni has extended the olive branch to Thierry Henry after his blatant handball led to the French goal that knocked the Republic of Ireland out of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

In an interview on Italian Channel Rai Due’s “Dribbling,” the Irish boss gave his opinion on the controversial playoff now that some time has elapsed.

"The bitterness has passed and what remains is the taste of the good performance and the regret that we didn't end up in South Africa,” he said.

"With the qualifying round we fought we deserved it. But I forgive Henry."

In the same program, the veteran manager addressed the rumors of him leaving the Irish set up to take over another national team.

"Many national teams are interested," said Trapattoni. "They asked us 'what are you doing, what aren't you doing?'

"But for now we're remaining loyal to what we signed.”

However, Trapattoni didn’t exactly slam the door on outside interest either.

"But in life I always say never say never," added the septuagenarian.

Trapattoni is under contract with the FAI until 2012.