An Irish artist has depicted Elton John breastfeeding his new son in a photograph.

Kevin Sharkey, originally from Donegal says he as inspired by Sir Elton and his civil partner David Zachary having baby Zachary; “It’s set off a new era of gay men having kids. What Elton and David are doing is very admirable.”

“I must admit I did have a little laugh to myself while I was doing it but I know Elton has got a good sense of humor,” he told the Daily Mail.

The Irish artist said he portrayed Sir Elton feeding the baby because he “is definitely the mum in the relationship, where David is more like the strict masculine school teacher.”

The photo is on sale at a Dublin art gallery for $19,500 and already has two prospective buyers.

Prior to this Sharkey painted the pope conducting a gay marriage after the Catholic leader criticized homosexuality.