Irish couples are getting risque
More than 30 percent of Irish people have called in sick to work to stay at home and have sex, a new survey from Durex has revealed. But a mere seven percent said they regularly have checks for STDs.

Revealing Ireland’s love for lust, the research was released to coincide with National Condom Week.

Over 1,000 people contributed to the survey which found that Irish people prefer women on top and the doggie style position and are also partial to kinky gadgets in the bedroom.

Some 16 percent of respondents said they have also texted a naked picture of themselves to someone, reports the Cork Independent.

One-in-ten people admitted to sleeping with a new love interest within an hour of meeting them, while one-in-five said that they have slept with someone after knowing them for less than two hours.
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Some 38 percent of people admitted to discussing fantasies with their partner and 19 percent have engaged in role play.

One-in-five have done a strip tease and over 20 percent have introduced food into the bedroom.
The Irish Durex National Condom Week began on Monday 24 October and runs through to October 30. The annual initiative is aimed at promoting safer sex and encouraging the country to use condoms.

Miriam Abel, Brand Manager at Durex says, “It is fantastic to see 53 percent of people always use a condom, but also concerning that only seven percent get regular STI checks.

“Carrying a condom can quite literally be lifesaving and should be as commonplace as picking up your keys or your wallet,” Abel added.