When Kimberly Guilfoyle first started getting media attention, she was an assistant District Attorney in San Francisco. She was the prosecutor in a sensational San Francisco case involving the mauling death of a woman by two Giant Mastiff dogs. The dogs were owned by people closely associated with prison gang activity and the dogs had been trained and encouraged to be aggressive. This proved to be a hugely dangerous combination, as they literally tore the helpless woman to pieces. Ms. Guilfoyle did a masterful job at prosecuting this case and won convictions for 2nd degree murder against them.

Around that time she was married to the very liberal Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsome and became well known in the political circles of the area. In the very liberal political climate of San Francisco, it was assumed she must be a liberally leaning person herself, in the hometown of so many liberal luminaries. So it was a surprise to many when she later started appearing on television as a commentator and it became apparent that whatever her husbands political affiliations were, she didn't seem to share them.

As an aside I don't know how she could do that, but I suppose love is blind....for awhile. Nevertheless the marriage didn't last but a few years and Kimberly moved on. Gavin, moved on as well, from mayor of San Francisco into the Lieutenant Governors office, where he is grooming himself for his next step up the political ladder.

Kimberly has served several years as a prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles and San Francisco doing what she does best, fighting to protect citizens against crime and exposing scams. She has parlayed that calling into a very successful ongoing career in the media, which includes stints at CNN,ABC and now on Fox as a legal analyst as well as political commentator. Her shows are top rated in cable television.

Ms. Guilfoyle is a magna cum laude graduate of University of California, Davis and attended the University of San Francisco School of Law and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied and was published for her research in international children's rights and European Economic Community law. Guilfoyle presently serves as an active board member of The Gastro Esophageal Cancer Foundation and on the advisory panel for the American Bar Association.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is the epitome of a smart, ethical, successful Irish American woman, who is making a difference in the world. She knows how to put her case out and defend it, she isn't afraid to fight for her views and her Irish spirit shows it. She proves every day with her intelligent commentary, that she has carved out a place for herself in the media world and there is no limit as to where her talents may take her.

Cheers to you Kimberly!

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