Andrew Breitbart

The conservative world is still reeling from the loss of one of its own, Andrew Breitbart.  Many in the conservative world considered him to be a main driving force that countered the lefts relentless attacks on the right. He could stand toe to toe with anyone in the liberal media and dish back to them what was dished out....Including Bill Maher, the misogynistic, foul mouthed darling of the left.

Andrew was adopted by  Jewish parents who raised him in the upscale neighborhood of Brentwood California, but he was ethnically Irish by birth.  The Irish bloodline shined through in his brilliance and fearlessness as he fought for what he felt his truth was later on in life.

Andrew grew up liberal in this part of California, where it is fashionable to be on the left side and the term "limousine liberal" was coined. 

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But during the Clarence Thomas hearings for Supreme Court nomination, Andrew who was 23 at the time, watched in horror as many Americans did, as Justice Thomas was subjected to savage character assassination and a hi-tech lynching by the left. Watching the indignities heaped on the black conservative justice by the left in order to derail his nomination, had a profound effect on Andrew. He  later said that was when he had an epiphany and realized his true leanings were Reagan Conservative/Libertarian.

It's been said that there is none so militant as an ex-something, whether it is an ex smoker/drinker/sinner/...Liberal

That was a turning point in Andrews life, he found a direction to focus his drive and great intelligence into what he felt was a greater good.  He later became a soldier in the conservative cause and allied himself with Matt Drudge & the Drudge Report, that great online conservative journalistic behemoth. He also helped Arianna Huffington get the Huffington Post started when she was still a conservative.

Andrew Breitbart was a fearless warrior who regularly savaged the liberal media for what he perceived as their severe blindness and bias, he was relentless in his battle. Of course he was attacked unmercifully from the left, but Andrew relished a good debate and was unafraid to confront his detractors. He understood the liberal psyche, unlike most conservatives, because Andrew had been a liberal for many years....So he knew how to fight fire with fire. One of his favorite rebukes to his detractors was "So"?

Andrew had accomplished so much by the time he reached 43. A journalist, activist and author, he had many online media publications to his name, as well as books.  He was instrumental in uncovering many unsavory practices and the politicians connected to them that were being foisted on the American public. A staunch pro life spokesman, he owed his life to the loving parents who adopted him.

Andrew Breitbart started out a private in the conservative army of journalists and ended up a General. A husband, father and devoted friend.  He will be missed.

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