Angela (photographed by Johnny McMillan)
So, I'm the new kid on the block. Glad to be here, happy to help, nice to meet you and all that. I'm SO honored to be the first style blog and am ready to go all fashion on your asses.

I shall be interviewing designers, keeping you up to date on the trends and hopefully inspiring you with some personal style posts and mega posing. I'll also be doing a bit of editing. Surely that's what you'd expect? I'll sort the good and great from the bad and ugly, so you don't have to do the dirty work. And, I'll be writing about some random things that I like along the way, I don't always have to explain myself to you.

If you have questions or queries or dramatic style dilemma's, please shout. I'll be here, waiting with bated breath to pick up the pieces and set you back on the straight and narrow, in the sartorial sense at least. No job is too big or too small, all donations kindly accepted!
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So, like I said... great to meet you and please do get stuck in down below. Comment on everything or nothing (preferably something), I'm not sensitive so don't be shy.

Meanwhile you can check out my website over HERE, and follow me on TWITTER. I'm really quite fabulous and you'll love my accent so feel free to call me for anything that may involve a trip back to my beloved New York.