Massachusetts parents were outraged when they learned school officials changed lyrics to "We love the USA" instead of "God Bless the USA" during the chorus of the popular Lee Greenwood song. The song was to be performed at a concert at the Stall Brook Elementary school in Boston.

According to MY Fox News in Boston: Following outrage from parents; a changed version of "God Bless the USA" has been pulled from an upcoming school assembly concert.... In fact the whole song will now not be included in the concert. In a statement, school officials said "they hope to maintain the focus on the original objective of sharing students' knowledge of the U.S. States, and because of logistics, will not include any songs."

But school official had not counted on the massive backlash from the parents and the American public. Late this afternoon they reversed themselves a 3rd time, issued an apology and said the song would be reinstated into the concert in its correct form, with God included.

But at at the same time in other areas of the country the word "Easter" is removed from mention when it comes to the two week school break and is now known as "Spring Break".

Of course we have all heard of the Seattle public school, that no longer believes it is proper to call Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs...They are now officially called "Spring Spheres".
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Words are powerful and when the the narrative gets seized to use "new labels" in renaming traditional values, it becomes a war for control of the moral compass guiding our country.  Secular progressives have gone far to come up with new pretzel-like word and phrases to separate our country from its foundation.

America has always been a Judeo Christian country, we are built upon those values, we even have "in God we trust" on our currency.  Of course even this is inflammatory to some who are fighting furiously to get this removed...Just like the fight to take "Christ" out of Christmas, just refer to it as Xmas from now on.

The push is on to rename Columbus Day to "Indigenous Peoples Day", or "Dia de la Raza".

How far are we willing to go to extinguish every little bit of connection we have with our heritage in order to appease other cultures?

Ask the parents of the children at Stall Brook elementary school.

Happy Easter!