Visa waiver program
A few people who attended our recent legal clinic wondered about extending their stay on the 90 day visa waiver program. Among the disadvantages of the visa waiver program are the following: you cannot change status in the US to another visa; you cannot extend the 90 day visa waiver; and if ordered removed from the US you may not have any grounds to appeal such a decision.

The IPC advises immigrants not to overstay visas or the 90-day period of stay on the visa waiver program. Even a very brief overstay could affect your eligibility in the future if you apply for a non-immigrant visa and any overstay prohibits you from entering the US again on the visa waiver program. An overstay of 180 days may subject you to a three (3) year bar from the USA. Discuss the implications of such overstays with one of our immigration attorney at our monthly clinic in the Banshee.

Evaluation of diplomas for H-1B Visas
Some people may be eligible for an H-1B visa if one has a diploma and several years of related work experience. If an evaluation service reviews the diploma, school and college transcriptions and related work experience and concludes one has the equivalent of a degree, one may be eligible for an H-1B.

There are only 65,000 H-1B visas available each year issued on Oct. 1, and they go quickly. While they come on-stream on Oct. 1, because people are allowed file six months ahead of the start date, employers across the country will be filing for them on April 1st. They will go quickly. If you anticipate needing an evaluation of your degree or diploma, you need to act immediately on your case. Sometimes it takes several weeks to get your transcripts form schools and colleges in Ireland. Email me for more details on the evaluation process.

Repeat offenses may be deportable
We remind legal permanent resident readers of the harsh consequences of the 1996 legislation. This legislation among other things renders deportable many legal permanent residents who have convictions. If readers have any questions on this complex issue, email me or attend our next legal clinic. All cases are treated on a confidential basis.

Free immigration and legal clinic
Our next clinic is at the Banshee, 934 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, on Tuesday March 5th. If coming to ask the attorney to review an ongoing case, please remember to bring photocopies of all files relating to the case including court docket sheets, passports, visa paperwork and/or petitions.