My gambling habit annoys my girlfriend
Dear MTN,

I need your advice before I lose another girlfriend. I've been going with a nice girl for almost six months now. Things were great in the beginning but lately she's been on my case because I like playing cards with my buddies a few times a week. She was fine with this when we first met, but now that we are talking about getting serious she is constantly bugging me to quit.

I am ready to get married and would consider marrying this one, but not if she continues with her nagging. My last three girlfriends all nagged me about my gambling and I had to break up with all of them.

Why do girls act like everything is fine with you in the beginning and then once they get us, they try and change us? How do you think I should tell my girlfriend I'm not giving up my hobby for anyone, not even her? Thanks for your help. - Brian

Dear Brian,

Wow, gambling three times a week is more than a hobby Brian, it is an addiction. The proof is that you lost three girlfriends in the past all for the same reason. To answer your question of why you’re gambling isn't an issue in the beginning is most likely because in the beginning of a relationship, you typically don't see that much of each other.

It sounds like you were able to hide your gambling addiction while you were getting to know the past few girls in your life. But once the dating turns into being a relationship, that is when most people like to enjoy spending time together during this process but you are out gambling with your friends three times a week. That is a dead giveaway to these girls.

If you love this girl and I hope you do, maybe this can be an incentive for you to realize you need help with your gambling problem. My advice is not to let yourself lose another girl to gambling. Get yourself help and talk to a professional about this. If this girl loves you too, hopefully she will stick by you while you get help. I wish you the best of luck. Don't be afraid in getting help. Stay positive and I wish you well! - MTN

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