Conan O’Brien seems to be everywhere this week. From the New York Times to the gossip rags to our very own, Conan’s uncertain fate is being discussed. After the initial shock of hearing that television funny Irishman might be shunted around (tears welled up in my eyes), I began to search newspapers, magazines, and the Internet for any Conan news. I might even go so far as to call that period of time Conan-watch. Eventually all the news became confusing and disheartening. Would he stay or would he go? Did he have a choice? Would the tall redhead be overtaken by that other guy with the big chin? His fate was in peril. My devotion however, remained steadfast.

Ever since Conan took over the Tonight Show in June, I’ve followed him with the dedication of a crazed fan. As much as I loved Late Night, it was just too late for me to fully enjoy all that Conan had to offer. I often fell asleep before Conan jumped his way onto stage. But come June, everything changed. I began to spend my free nights with the guy I referred to in passing as my new Irish boyfriend. He was dependable. He was never late, was always up for a good laugh, and on the rare nights when he looked less than stellar (his hair has a mind of its own) there was always a cute friend (guest) to watch.

With all that has been going on this past week in Conan’s life and with his recent statement that he will not host Late Night after Leno’s new gig, I’ve chosen to go back to the basics. I’ve been watching funny new clips and classic old interviews. In need of a good laugh? Check out my personal favorite: Conan’s interview with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who just happened to be his first female guest (he refers to her rather awkwardly as ‘his laaady’). And most recently, his interview with Aziz Ansari of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. I’ve been forcing friends to watch it and after they forgive me for forcing them to do something, they laugh so hard they almost cry (some of the tears are of course residual tears from being chained to their computer screen).

Conan’s job status may be in question but for devoted fans like myself, that doesn’t really matter. Whenever and wherever he goes, I will keep watching. Because I love that crazy redheaded guy.