Are you a J-1 summer student up at 3am and needing help searching for a job? Now the IIIC has a Facebook page dedicated to the J-1 summer students in Boston titled “IIIC J1 Summer Guide to Boston."

We are excited to be able to expand these resources this year to the online presence on Facebook. This page was introduced in order to provide J-1 students with around-the-clock access to information on jobs, housing, safety, and general information about Boston.

Every summer, the IIIC provides access to its Cyber Café and to job and housing resources for the J-1’ers, and this Facebook page should help to reach and assist an even greater number of students. We still invite the J-1’ers to visit us in our office, make use of the free computer access, and help themselves to some Irish tea and treats.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Erika Bareiss at (617) 542-7654 ext.18 or email at We hope all the J-1s out there have a safe and wonderful summer!

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