Sometimes us lady folk envy men for their comfortable clothes, practical shoes and plenty of pockets so once in a while it’s nice to take all the best bits of menswear and combine them to create the cool, casual “boyfriend” look.
The androgynous style that swept in with the eighties revival a few seasons ago seems to remain in-vogue because of comfort and ease that the skinny jean and Herve Leger have taken away from us . It’s the look where girl does boy but still keeps a little cool feminine flare. It demonstrates a certain security in your femininity and a willingness to try new things. The staples for this look are flats, blazers, baggy trousers and an I-don’t-care-because-I’m-working-it attitude!
The likes of Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller continue to keep this look fresh and cool with a different twist every season.
The Boyfriend Blazer
The boyfriend blazer is a fantastic key wardrobe piece, and we’re not just talking about pulling off the androgynous look. A good casual blazer can take you anywhere. It adds something chic to a casual outfit or takes something more dressy to another level, giving it a certain modern twist.
What originated as a black baggy blazer trend has been given a color boost this season with bold classics like reds and greys giving any outfit a certain extra pop. In particular, the white trend for Spring/Summer 2011 has embraced the boyfriend blazer, giving you the perfect excuse to invest in one now that will take you through both spring and summer with an elegance and certain expensive taste that whites and creams exude, especially from a tailored look like a blazer.
Stella McCartney has been an advocate of the white boyfriend blazer this season, priced at $1,895. However, for a more reasonable selection try Urban Outfitters. One of their brands, Silence and Noise, does a selection of colors in various styles and is a favorite of Alexa Chung. You can pick up a blazer for $78.00.
Baggy Jeans
Every woman should have a pair of baggy jeans in her wardrobe. They’re as comfortable as tracksuit bottoms minus the scruff factor, and can be worn with trainers, ballet pumps or rolled up with your favorite pair of heels.
Mrs. Cruise, aka Katie Holmes, is mad for this look. She’s been spotted out and about in her “husband” jeans paired with heels, flip-flops, ballet pumps and sneakers, demonstrating their versatility. The go-to jeans people, Levi’s have a range of 501 Boyfriends in variations of dark, indigo and light washes from $69.50. They also have oversized jean-shorts for when the weather starts to heat up.
The main thing to think of when you’re wearing these bad boys is to keep a little bit of femininity. Wearing something tighter on top will keep your feminine silhouette, while showing a little bit of leg by rolling the jeans up gives a nice contrast between your smaller leg and the volume of the trousers. You’re legs will also look thinner than they are because the jeans are so baggy!
Brogues are a funny one. Done correctly, they can give you the appearance of a fashion forward, downtown NewYorker. Done incorrectly, you’ll look like you stole your shoes from a little old nun! Another thing to remember is that they likes of Agnes Deyne have legs with length we mere mortals can only dream of so you have to wear with caution to avoid looking like a stump!
They are best worn with bare ankles so roll up those boyfriend jeans and combats or get yourself a pair of cropped skinny jeans. Dresses are also a good call for brogue-wearers, because they are great for disguising cankles (calves and ankles that are so robust they merge into one).
The brogue color to be seen in this year is nude. It gives the appearance of effortless sophistication as well as being slightly more feminine that the harsh black ones that have been floating around the last few seasons. The best news is, apart from them being flat and comfy, is that nude shoes elongate your legs! Hooray!

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are comfortable and classic. They are so easy to wear that it would be a crime not to embrace this aspect of the boyfriend look. It’s a timeless trend that can look chic and feel comfortable for day or night.
Cinching the shirt is one way to go with this. Leather or scarf belts are the best, tied under the bust to emphasize your small, feminine waist, or lower down for a looser look.
Admittedly, this is not a great look to pair with your baggy trousers. It will only result in frumpy, bag lady with nothing chic about it. I would, however, recommend this combo for a lazy Sunday afternoon at home! The oversized shirt needs to be paired with a skinny jeans, leggings or tights on the bottom.
Then, when the weather gets hotter, the shirt should get a little more oversized and paired with nothing but your well-cared-for pins, and some accessories to give it your own personal female flair.
Boy for Girl
The boy for girl style can look amazing when done right, but you still want to look like a girl! So keep your hair well groomed, dress the casual look up with your favorite bangles, chains and handbag. Take aspects of the look to suit your frame and personal style and make it your own. Soon you’ll be singing “let’s hear it for the boy!”