Claire Ann O'Brien's wool stools

Knits may be everywhere this season but if you're not getting off on Jil Sander then you might just get on to a fluffy, wool stool. This is the coolest piece of interior kit I've seen in ages and for Winter it seems like the ultimate indulgence. In fairness, you probably have a million jumpers already so save on another and grab some handcrafted loveliness instead, you'll be thankful when the cold snap rolls in and you're lounging in PJ's and cashmere socks.

Irish born Claire-Anne OBrien spends between 1 day to 3 days making these stools, mixing hand knitting with machine before constructing 3d patterns by hand. "I have some nice ladies who do the hand knitting for me and a local carpenter makes the stools". Keeping it local Claire-Anne, that's what we like to hear! As a textile designer Claire Anne is obsessed with texture and colour and believe that textiles can really transform a space. With a sculptural approach to textiles, O'Brien brings fabrics to life in three dimensions and uses wool, lambs wool and sheep's wool so you're guaranteed a super-cosy finish and some bang for your buck.

But what about actually sitting on them (God knows I'm a tad clumsy and it seems too pretty to squash?!) "They are very much craft items and intended for light domestic use but they're sturdier than you'd think! The fabrics are fully upholstered and sprayed with a fabric protector, they can be spot cleaned too so they're quite durable". Phew!
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Currently the pieces are made to order and available through her website here with the most popular style (I'm calling this the looper) on Style Tonic for €495.

Wool stool from Claire Ann O'Brien
Wool stool from Claire Ann O'Brien

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