Icewagon Flu to play Maxwells in Hoboken

If you’re taking the train out of the city after the parade on Saturday and heading for Jersey, make sure you stop off at Hoboken and catch “the flu” -- Icewagon Flu, that is!

The band makes a triumphant return to their hometown on March 17 as they spread their infectious music at the venerable Maxwell’s.

The band is scattered in a few states now, which makes the return back to where it all began even more special these days. For those of you not inflected by the Flu yet, check out their Off the Wagon series of albums.

This jam band plays fast and loose with traditional ditties like “Nancy Whiskey,” “Galway Races” and “Fields of Athenry,” replacing the fiddles and flutes with meaty, chunky alt-rock guitar grooves.

Icewagon Flu also throws some quirky originals into the mix, making a truly unforgettable night of Irish Americana rock and roll.

“The FLU is melting pot rock!” enthuses singer and guitarist Kevin Adkins when asked to describe his band.

“We are a spicy blend of traditional Irish, early Americana, peppered with blues-roots, fifties-rock sautéed in a proper marinade of modern pop (...throw in a dash of Elvis, XTC and the Pogues per taste.)

“At Maxwell's we plan to focus on our original tracks, many of which appeared on our album The Great American Something.”

Newly written songs that will make-up the foundation of the band’s next album will be featured as well. “Drive the Spirits Out,” “Cerise,” and “Before I'm Gone” are some of the working titles.

The band is worth seeing and to be sure, this storm-battered section of Hoboken could use some of our foot traffic. See you there! Check out