In Germany when a gunman jumps on a bus crowded with unarmed American Airmen, empties his firearm into them, while shouting Allah Akbar...Would it be jumping to conclusions to assume it is an act of terrorism? Namely Islamic terrorism?

In Texas, Major Nadal Hassan calmly walked into an assembly area filled with his fellow servicemen and repeatedly emptied his weapon into his unarmed comrades killing and wounding dozens. While squeezing the trigger he could be heard to chant Allah Akbahr. Would it be jumping to conclusions to consider it had an Islamic terrorism tie in...Somewhere?

President Obama told us not to jump to conclusions about the terrorist attack in Texas. Over a year later the White House still has not been able to say this was an act of Islamic terrorism, even though there is overwhelming evidence that it was.

So in this context, the demeaning, pretzel-like show put on by U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley yesterday was illuminating. His attempt to justify how the German act of terrorism, really couldn't be construed as an act of terrorism.... turned out to be not only puzzling it was downright disturbing. Perhaps it was emblematic of the "Wildebeest Syndrome"? ( Dazed and confused, out maneuvered by its hunter)

Crowleys show put the politically correct mentality that permeates the White House and washes down to the Apparatchiks of his party into the spotlight. Just like when the Director of Homeland Security decided to refer to Islamic terrorism from now on as "man made disaster". It is nonsensical. A naive belief that if you don't mention the bogeyman's name, or change his name to something different, then it magically loses its power and really doesn't exist.

But you will notice there was no reticence by the Department of Homeland Security to recognize and boldly label the "real threats to America": Our returning veterans and right wing groups (Tea Party). Huh?

When Congresswoman Giffords was shot and others killed in Tucson recently by a crazed lone gunman, the din from the left & the main stream media caused spontaneous stigmata from the ears. They were falling all over themselves to blame it on Sarah Palin/ Tea Party,

Willful blindness? Partisan manipulation? The "wildebeest syndrome"? Take your pick or choose them all.

Editors Note: March 13, 2011, under pressure from the Obama administration ... P.J. Crowley resigned as spokesman for the State Department.