Proceeds from the fundraising event will aid in the relief & reconstruction from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy to the parish of St Nicholas of Tolentine in Atlantic City, NJ
On Thursday March 21, a benefit dance was held in Concannon’s Village in Norwood in aid of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The event was a resounding success with over $15,000 raised and two truck-loads of items such as food and clothing being delivered to St Nicholas of Tolentine Parish in Atlantic City, NJ.
When the devastating events of Sandy were taking place, Tommy Henry (of the Noel Henry Irish Showband) and some friends wondered if they could raise money for the victims of the hurricane by running a benefit through the Irish clubs. Along with Dan and Anna McAuliffe and a committee of around 8 people, they got in touch with Monsignor Hodge of St Nicholas of Tolentine and decided to hold the benefit for his parish in Atlantic City.
Everyone they contacted for assistance in the event were more than happy to get on board. Tom Concannon gave the use of his hall in Norwood to hold the event, and several musicians agreed to perform in the benefit. All the Irish clubs were contacted for sponsors and every one said “yes”. All of those mentioned gave their time and service free of charge.
As well as raising over $15,000, they collected two truck-loads of items such as non-perishables, clothing, canned goods, bedding and baby items which were delivered to Atlantic City in a truck which was donated by an anonymous source.
Monsignor Hodge of is said to be overwhelmed by the support that his parish has received. After being struck by the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, the funds and goods raised have given a much needed boost to the area in a time of hardship.
The organizers would to express their gratitude to everyone who kindly donated to the cause, the musicians who performed in the event, and the local radio stations and newspapers who advertised the benefit, all of whom made the fundraiser a success.