The circumstantial evidence is pointing to Ríona. She had motive to kill her ex, she has the skills of a nurse, making it possible for her to make the fatal cut so efficiently, and her suicide attempt only puts her under suspicion, no matter how much pain she's going through.

We know who did it. We watched Tina--in the picture above, played by Tara Breathnach--cut her ex-husband's throat from ear to ear back in December. Few of us had much sympathy for him, to be honest, but Tina is no hero. She's trying to frame the murder on the De Búrca family, driving poor Ríona to desperate acts of suicide.

Ríona's sister Róise feels so isolated, she's receptive to Tina's fake council, and meaningless kind words of friendship. It's Vince, the father of the De Búrca family, that's not buying Tina's ploys. On Thursday we watched as he tried to suss out from Tina more details that might break her alibi and clear his daughter's name. You can watch that episode and past ones at Click on the Dráma Cartlann for Ros na Rún episodes, and other shows.

There are so many good shows on TG4, I'm giving up on English media for a while. Seacht is set in Belfast among art students at college. It's very good. Cloigne is a three-show TV series that gets into the head of Gaelic darkness, exploring the more sinister powers of Irish supernatural phenomenon, in the story of a man who can't be faithful, and the women who end up dead shortly after a night with him. It's terrifyingly good.

But back to Ros na Rún. Molly's father is causing problems as he tries to sort out his daughter's life. Molly's mother--his ex-wife--Bríd looks like she's a bit tempted again by the sexy musician, when she's only lately told Mícheál she would marry him and how much she loves him. Poor Mícheál is being made to give wedding presents to Tadhg and Frances, instead of pursuing a he-said he-said battle over what happened the night of the car crash, when he believes Tadhg murderously beat him over the head to get away with drunk driving.

Séamus Ó Catháin is my favorite character; he has a gentleman's heart. His friend Oisín is the young teenager who thought Séamus his grandfather because Oisín's mother had been playing tricks. When the truth came out, it nearly destroyed the friendship between the old Connemara farmer and the sad young fella. There's a very nice scene between them in the café this week, with Séamus promising not to abandon the boy who seems to need a grandfather figure, real or not.

Meanwhile, and I haven't even covered half of the meanwhiles--Mack comes to realize that the woman he dumped on the altar of their marriage is likely pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, the ex-priest whom Berní once loved--and may still--is up against Molly's father for her affections. Johnny's getting Berní's attention, and possibly re-kindling Bríd's past lust. It's going to be a hot mess.

Watch tomorrow for Tuesday's show at 3:30pm New York time, or you can catch it anytime in the archives the next day following. The show airs at 3:30 on Tuesday, Thursday and both again on Sunday.