Has Alec Baldwin finally skewered the wrong herd of sacred cows?
Alec Baldwin had another one of his legendary foul mouthed meltdowns the other day, complete with his usual "four letter word" demeaning of individuals, including threats of physical violence.  
Although this emotional outburst wasn’t directed at a child this time, it was directed at another familiar target, a working class “little person” trying to make a living.
The “Tourette Syndrome like”  actor’s venom was directed at a gay journalist who had the temerity to report  Baldwins wife used twitter while attending James (Tony Soprano) Gandolfini's funeral in New York. That report has since been found to be incorrect due to different interpretation of time zones.
See obscenity/homophobic laced Baldwin tantrum here on E News
Although Baldwin has repeatedly insulted America with his language throughout his career….He seems to have a “get out of jail free” card that lets him slip away unscathed. 
The reason for the gentle treatment of Baldwin is that he is a member of the Hollywood left wing elite, “Limousine Liberal Division,” who never have to answer for their conspicuous consumption or outrageous behavior.
But perhaps this time Baldwin went a bridge too far revealing in a Rorschach test like manner, what his true inner feelings were with his gay slurs and crude homophobic remarks.
In this day of intolerance  under cover of being tolerant, will the left finally have to admit the Alec Baldwin elephant in their “tolerant” living room is a bigot and must be dealt with severely?
If past performance is any predictor of the future, Alec Baldwin will skate because he is a lefty
But in a flagrant show of the brutal double standard that is the lefts guiding star,  another celebrity is now being publicly crucified for one word she said over 30 years ago.
Paula Deen, a celebrity cook and television personality while under oath during legal questioning, was asked by an attorney if she ever used the racial slur “N” word in her life?
Deen replied yes she did, she uttered it almost almost 30 years ago.  See Paula Deen story here
Since Paula Deen is not politically correct and not a member of the Hollywood “Limousine Liberal” class, a firestorm of outrage erupted in all corners of the media.
A firestorm over one word she uttered 30 years ago has cost her major financial sponsors and her very popular television show….It looks as if her 20 million dollar food empire is threatening to collapse, due to an orchestrated outrage directed at her by a left tilting media machine.
Does anybody grasp the utter hypocrisy of all of this?  Or is it just me and 100 million or so other aware Americans?