The "hot mic" syndrome struck again when Senator Schumer exposed the callous attitude politicians have towards the future of our country. While the leadership is spending money like drunken sailors (sorry sailors) on shore leave, they give us the impression they are trying to restore fiscal sanity.

Before a conference call to be attended by Democrat leaders and the press, Schumer made sure they had their stories straight before the press got on the phones...Only problem is the press was already on, listening and recording every word.

His talking points relayed to his fellow Democratic senators were to tell the reporters that the GOP is refusing to negotiate. Schumer "told the group to make sure they label the GOP spending cuts as 'extreme.' "Because that is what the caucus (democrats) instructed me to do last week".

Never mind that we are borrowing money to run this bloated government, never mind we are heaping extraordinary debt on ourselves and our children and grandchildren....It's all about win baby!

Of course the Republicans ran with this and said it exposed the attitude of the democrats that" any cut in the budget was extreme" and the democrats want to shut the government down as it will make the Republicans look bad".

In the meantime, the guy that Obama charged with getting this budget together and working with both sides to find a budget solution, VP Joe busy skiing in Aspen Colorado.

Lets stop the game playing and balance the budget. Because right now you are heaping so much debt that the next generations of Americans will be paying for the "services" that we are getting today.

The present political power structure in charge of our country, don't care what they do to the future, they only care about the next election, they are "economic child abusers" of the worst sort.