The Irish Primary Principals Network, principals of elementary schools in Ireland, have submitted a paper to the Irish Government that could point to homework for Irish kids being a thing of the past. 

In their report they point out nine area of concern with regard to the role of homework in the education system. It says "effective teaching in the classroom, which differentiates both children's learning styles and learning abilities far outweighs any value of homework."

The group's director, Sean Cottrell, said "Homework can often be the source of a huge amount of stress between parents and children."

The Evening Herald questioned people around Dublin on the matter, with mixed responses. Kate Ryan, of Rathgar said "I think it's a good thing. It gives children a good sense of discipline to do school work at home." On the other side of the coin David Kehoe,  of Clontarf, pointed out "I don't really see the point of homework. Children have got better things to do with their time.