Hillary Clinton speaking in 1992

Over two decades ago, Hillary Clinton delivered the commencement address to Wellesley College's graduating class, during her husband’s 1992 presidential election campaign.

A member of the Wellesley College class of 1969, during  her 1992 speech, Clinton lay out the "rules" for women struggling to balance family and work, many of which still resonate today.

Clinton discussed the challenges facing the 1992 graduating class as well as current international affairs following the Cold War during the 25-minute address.

She also spoke about the difficulty of women juggling motherhood with their careers.

Clinton states: “As women today, you do face tough choices. You know the rules are basically as follows:

“If you don't get married, you're abnormal.

“If you get married, but don't have children, you're a selfish yuppie.

“If you get married and have children, but then go outside the home to work, you're a bad mother.

“If you get married and have children, but stay home, you've wasted your education.

“And if you don't get married, but have children and work outside the home as a fictional newscaster, you get in trouble with the vice president.”

Clinton's advice to women at the time? "Hold on to your dreams, whatever they are."

Watch a clip from her speech below: