Coming up this Friday night is a chance to see one of the highly touted young traditional bands on tour over from Ireland out in Western New Jersey in Blairstown.

Finishing up a tour, FullSet come east to the Blairstown Historic Theatre (www.thehbt.com). The band features Janine Redmond on accordion (Dublin), Andrew Meeney on guitar (Dublin), Eamonn Moloney on flute and bodhran (Tipperary), Michael Harrison on fiddle (Tipperary), Sean McCarthy on uilleann pipes and whistles (Cork) and Theresa Horgan on flute and vocals (Cork).

They will also be heading to the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Center in Philadelphia on Saturday.

Blairstown Historic Theatre is a great venue to hear Celtic music, and like all venues these days would like to see people turn out for live music which they present at a very high quality all year long.

When venues take a chance on booking young bands like this and help make tours possible, it would be great if people who like Celtic music support them.