As I was listening to last night's Met game, as the Mets self-destructed to blow one they should have won, I realized how unwilling I was to blame the main culprit (in my mind) - Francisco "Frankie" Rodriguez (a.k.a K-Rod). Three months ago K-Rod would not have gotten such a pass from me.

At the beginning of the season I didn't want K-Rod {photo} on the team. I was done with him and I wanted the Mets to off-load him at almost any price. In fact, I was done with him last August.

On August 11 of last year Rodriguez was arrested after assaulting his girlfriend's father in the family room at Citi Field after another bad loss for the Mets. The assault reportedly took place in front of some of Rodriguez's teammates' family members, including many children.

For the rest of the 2010 season and over the winter every time I thought of K-Rod I thought about how much I didn't want such a dirt-bag on the Mets. How could I root for that guy?

That was then. This is now.

Other than a blemish during the first week of the season, when I was still annoyed that this 'loser' was on the Mets, K-Rod has been perfect. Until last night. Last night he entered the game with the Mets ahead 8-6, but he yielded a 2-run-homer that tied the game for the Braves in the 9th inning.

An inning later and the Mets had completed the Braves' job for them when the Mets' pitcher balked home the winning run. A strange baseball play to end a strange game, one the Mets really should have won.

Yet, after a disastrous start to the season, surprising their fans as much as anyone, the Mets have actually played pretty good baseball since May 1.

One big reason the Mets have been playing well is K-Rod. He's been fantastic and for me that seems to have overridden all those noble ideas about what type of character I want on the Mets. I have had no trouble rooting for K-Rod.

Last year is soooo last year. Even yesterday seems last year; all that matters is tonight, tomorrow, the next day, the rest of the season. Go K-Rod and 'Let's Go Mets.'

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